New Networking.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a mega-trend worldwide – and has already become true at AUMA.
Following the AUMA Support App, we are planning our next moves.

Sneak preview: Discover how the AUMA Cloud helps you to increase operational efficiency.

Networking throughout your working environment

We at AUMA are taking the meaning of support even further. The milestone: the AUMA Cloud. A digital platform for seamless networking of products, solutions, services, colleagues, and partners. Flexibility and safety - on a global scale.

Are you ready for new networking?

A network offering new opportunities

Use the AUMA Cloud to create a virtual representation of all devices within your plant, share the information with others, enter into a vivid exchange with your colleagues. And: contact your AUMA service and sales experts, if you need further assistance. Access to your AUMA Cloud? It is all in your hands.

Better safe than sorry.

Dawning of a new era

Coming soon!

The AUMA Cloud as dynamic information and knowledge platform as well as interactive network of experts. For advanced communication, more efficient processes and optimised performance of your installation.

  • Meeting point for experts
  • Information AND documents online
  • Optimum support

Coming soon: The AUMA Cloud.
The Support App is already here!

Our app is already of valuable support for you in many different situations. Whether on site or on the road: Request online information on your AUMA actuators at any time. Simply via smartphone or tablet.


The AUMA Support App assists you in:

  • Planning, commissioning, and recording
  • Maintenance, fault elimination
  • Enhancing or modernising your installation

All device details
in a single app

Scan the name plate of your AUMA actuator and the following information is immediately available:

  • Technical data sheets
  • Operation instructions
  • Inspection certificates
  • Wiring diagrams & legends
  • 3D solid models

Each of these documents can be either printed, edited, sent via e-mail, or saved on your portable end device. Furthermore, the user interface grants direct access to the AUMA website on the Internet and within social networks.

Your mobile assistant

Everything under control: the functions of the AUMA Support App at a glance.

  • Scan Code

    • Simply scan the data matrix code by means of the AUMA support app – all stored information on your AUMA actuators, actuator controls or gearboxes are immediately available for download.

  • Display Saved Documents

    • View, manage and call up all information and documents on your AUMA actuators at any time. Your mobile device as inventory list, database and technical library.

  • Enter Order Number/Serial Number Manually

    • You may also manually enter the order or serial number – and you will promptly receive all information stored to the selected AUMA actuator.

  • Service Request

    • Scan the code of the actuator, enter your fault description and attach files or pictures – and send the information directly from the app to the AUMA service. Without laptop or computer.

  • Create Serial Number List

    • Create a serial number list of your AUMA actuators – as maintenance or inventory list, for example. Or: Directly send the list from the app to the AUMA service.

Install the AUMA Support App now

It is so easy. The AUMA Support App is available for free download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



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